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LindsayEdits has different packages available to ensure that you get the editing you need within your budget. You'll notice a range for each level; contact Lindsay via e-mail to arrange a free consultation and quote.

Editing Packages


In this package, your manuscript will be checked for grammar, spelling, typos and sentence structure. There will be no comments on content issues (story, plot, character, etc). This package is great for authors who have published previously, or who have gone through some kind of critque, beta-reading, or other editing process. This package will ensure that your project is professional and polished.

Price: $75-$150 (depending on length and level of work needed)

Content/Development Editing

In this package, your manuscript will be reviewed for the “big picture” stuff. The editing will focus on readability, consistency in storyline and characters. Plot and character development. Is it engaging? Will it connect with readers? There will be no copy-editing. This is a great package for first-time authors who aren't ready for a complete edit, but need feedback. Included in this package is one 30- minute Skype session to review changes and editing suggestions.

Price: $150-$300 (depending on length and level of work required)

Content and Copy

This is the package for everything. It's a full-range edit of everything from the bones of your story to the very last comma. Every author can benefit from this level of editing on their manuscript; it's worth saving up for. This package includes 2 30-minute Skype sessions, with an opportunity to make some changes in between. Plan for this process to take at least a month with the coaching calls. After this editing process, you'll be confident that you're sending your very best work out into the world.

Price: starting at $300 (price will depend on length of manuscript and level of work required)

Standard edits of $1-$2 per page are also available.

Need something you don't see here? Send an e-mail and ask. You'll never know until you do!


Do you have an idea for a novel or a non-fiction book? Not ready for editing, but you need some help arranging or organizing ideas? Have the big vision but not sure how to turn that into chapters? Are you a fiction author with a series burning inside you, but need some help laying it all out?

LindsayEdits offers coaching to help with outlines, structure, the beginning development of a book. Sessions will take place over Skype. Please contact for availability.

Price: $50/30 minutes. Purchase 2 sessions for $90.

E-mail Lindsay at to arrange for a consultation and quote, or to book a coaching session.


Lindsay's editing was spot-on. She didn't let one awkward sentence, one unclear characterization, one fuzzy transition go by. And she knows how to write a good editorial letter-supportive yet frank.

Natalie H.

As a new writer I had been collecting supportive feedback from friends but was hungry for a more serious, experienced critique. The editing I received from Lindsay was exactly what I needed to begin taking more effective strides with my work. Her professional comments were constructive and her remarks were extremely significant. My experience with Lindsay was invaluable and I anticipate working with her again!

Melinda C.

Working with Lindsay has improved my writing. I appreciated the pre-editing questions she asked which forced me to think through the type of editing I needed and she was great about providing the feedback I requested. She provided both high level notes that helped me think through some plot issues as well as specific suggestions for how to strengthen my phrasing. She was prompt and professional and I would love to work work with her again in the future.

Jennifer L.

Working with Lindsay was my first foray with an editor. And now I wonder why I thought they were scary? She'll send you a questionnaire to help tailor the type of editing you are looking for (even asking how directly you'd like feedback). Reading through her feedback I knew that she really got what I was trying to communicate and hadn't just read through on auto-pilot. Lindsay's editing did more than just focus my writing, she inspired me and I found myself waking up in the middle of the night with new ideas I'd scribble down. She's professional, easy to work with, timely, and in your corner.

Amy Y.